If you are in the digital market to engage the audience with your brand or you are willing to make some quality backlinks, then the guest post should be your priority.

Considering that Google has openly warned of more, low-quality Guest posts, there's no doubt that it will remain a third-party reference for your site for quite some time.

Remember, a single qualitative guest post is much better than hundreds of low-quality guest posts that are posted on a low domain authority site.

In this article, we will discuss some of the facts you need to consider when writing or accepting guest posts but before that, you should know about what is a guest post!

What is guest posting?

The guest author that posts content on other websites usually to introduce their brands or to get a backlink from the posting site is consider a guest post.

The guest post is amazing in different aspects including the truth that it brings a new audience from the site where the post is published. Not only this, the backlinks from that post would increase your ranking on the search engine.

For example, if your site has just a hundred traffic per month, you might have the opportunity to write posts on a blog that is visited by 100,000 people every month.

The guest post would help you to show information about your website to this 100,000 audience with a navigating link (backlink) that can take the reader to your website.

In expectation of obtaining a high ranking, the companies usually hire the services of SEO experts and Guest posters to rank higher through making more backlinks from popular websites.

The companies create a relevant and significant Guest post for special websites that connect with their most popular and important page, using the keywords that are ideal for the anchor texts.

This would be very helpful. Besides the fact of the increasing difficulty of the keywords and traffic, an increase in the transformation of the ranking is seen with this trick!

The above strategy would be beneficial and operational for successful Guests who post content on a blog, and this is obvious that it is still an effective technique. Most people fail to do so because they are not doing it right.

Things to avoid when writing or accepting a guest post

If you are similar to many other content marketers, you may struggle with users who write for a blog. The web owners usually don’t focus on the quality of the guest post which results in poor outcomes as compared to the expectations.

You can get results from Guest contribution by passing them on to some standard criteria that include the SEO optimization and writing factors.

Here are the common mistakes that should be avoided for a guest post:

·Quantity over quality backlinks

More links are not always better; sites with dozens or many qualitative links can easily lead to sites with thousands or a huge number of low-quality links.

To get results, increasing the number of backlinks wouldn’t work alone.

In reality, you also need to consider the quality here, but this should not be to the comprise of the value of the guest post and backlink in it.

Getting a backlink from low-quality sites are generally bad for your SEO strategy.

·Your website growth strategy is imperfect

Whatever site you are running, you are probably not writing for a blog just to improve your traffic and guest post, but also to support your growth rate.

Remember, you won’t be getting the guest post to your blog unless your website is now fully improved to take advantage of this increased traffic.

Getting a guest post for your site is not a task of a night. You need to build a community and increase the traffic for giving the benefits to the one who is contributing.

If your site doesn’t have the traffic, then how could you give benefits to the other site that is getting a guest post from you?

You should always write your blog posts to get some traffic and increase your site’s strength.

If you don't get through these changes or see how they work, you're guaranteed to be disappointed.

·Add Anchor text in your guest post

This may be an easy step to take, but if you review your piece with energy from getting a positive response, you may be neglecting the set interface for the body of the writing.

Better yet, make your anchor text a keyword for which you are trying to rank your site on the search engine.

Moreover, this anchor text for ranking your site over the specific keyword is important for both your users and the search engine’s crawler, as they are so much more intelligent to detect this.

If you are a Guest who posts content on a blog to get reference traffic, it is important not to simply rely on your writing instead you should focus on the placement of the backlinks in your writing.

·Post on the relevant website

Remember, when thinking about the guest post on a blog, you should always consider a relevant site with better traffic, domain authority, and less spam score as it is so significant.

The search engine is always intelligent enough to detect the relevancy of your site with the one on which your site’s link is placed.

If your post is not relevant to the other side, then it is a bad impact on your site because the search engine might consider the post to be unnatural which affects your website’s ranking.


When writing a guest post for the other site, the post should look original including the content in it. For this, you should never explain your site excessively that the users and search engine consider it an advertising technique.

For example, if you are comparing some products and you are just focusing more on your product then everybody would know it’s an artificial advertisement post.