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What exactly is being offered here?

BSGP is a platform for both webmasters and SEO Experts. If you have a Good website of any kind e-g: BlogSpot, WordPress, community forum, Q/A website, classified, etc. you can earn by selling paid guest posts on your website. For SEO Experts it is one of the Top platforms where you can find 100% Real webmasters & Bloggers to get high-quality backlinks.

What kind of websites can join our platform?

Any Type of website can join BSGP for selling guest posts. There is no restriction if you are the owner of forum, web 2.0, blog, Q-A site or an author of some premium websites, you can submit website and sell guest posts.

Are all websites on your platform safe for publishing guest post and backlinks?

Yes, it 100% Safe for SEO and backlinks. Any Guest post your purchase came from a real website. BSGP post is a marketplace where different bloggers have submitted their websites. These websites are 100% real and filtered from our quality department.

How soon can I get guest posts after payment?

Guest Post process starts As soon as both seller and buyer agreed on post requirements. After Payment completed your order will be placed and a Notification sent to the website owner to review placed an order. After Order Approved seller will provide live guest post URL within the time frame mentioned on the guest post page.

Is there any guarantee how long your guest posts remain on publisher’s website?

All Guest posts are supposed to be live permanent on publisher’s websites.

How many guest posts one website can have?

Currently, there is no limit on how many guest posts a website can have. You can publish as many guest posts as you want.

How can I pay for buying guest posts?

Just open single product page and proceed to cart. You can Pay in following ways

  • Account balance
  • Payza
  • Paypal
  • If you have Payoneer or Skrill account please contact to add balance to your account.
How can I withdraw amount, being a seller?

Any amount you earn at BSGP is held for 30 days before it’s available for withdrawal. Users can withdraw amount using any of the following methods

  • Payza
  • Paypal
What if publisher removes backlink after some time?

All Guest posts are supposed to be live permanent on publisher’s websites.

Can publisher proofread content before publishing it?

Publishers have right to accept or reject content sent by the advertiser. And similarly, webmasters can proofread the content before publishing it on the website.

Is there authority to the publisher to accept or reject any guest post?

Yes, Website owner has full authority to accept or reject content sent by advertisers. Because it’s quite a possible article sent by advertiser does not meet quality standards of the hosting website.

What will be turnaround time for the guest post being live?

All Publishers are supposed to deliver guest post within the time frame they set on the product page. If Publisher failed to deliver it on time, advertisers have right to cancel the order.

Is there any refund policy?

Yes, please check out our refund policy page.

What inputs do I need to provide in order to join your platform as a publisher?

Please create an account at the registration page, and go open publisher dashboard. There you will find a button to submit new website. You can submit a website that you Own and you can also add those websites on which you have author/contributor account.

Is publishing/advertising guest posts safe practice?

Publishing a guest post on websites is considered as 100% safe technique to sell paid articles. You must write article natural and related to your website category.

For Advertisers, buying guest posts is considered as one of the top and 100% white hat SEO technique. Guest Posting not only increases your brand authority but also increase your website ranking quickly.

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