Guest posts are the marketing method to publish your articles on another website, which is one of the great ways for different companies and authors to have a better presence in the market.

Whether you want to address the target group of audience or generate more traffic on your website, the guest contribution can help you in this regard.

One of the most important uses of the Guest Post is the impact of the website on the search engine. Guest posts allow you to get a high-quality backlink from the website you are posting to.

This backlink can allow you to be ranked via the anchor keyword on the search engine results page. However, if you post the guest post on a low-quality domain, it would harm your website.

If a particular brand or website is discussed in a blog along with the reference to the backlink, it would have a positive impact on Google and the other search engines.

Remember backlink through a guest post is always considered the ranking factor for your site in the search engine, especially Google.

When a guest post is published on other websites, there some additional benefits for both of the sites. This way, you can create brand awareness for your website because guest posts might include the introduction to your company or website and it might be read through huge audience.

Not only the one who posts but also the host site gets benefits because the website would get unique content and author’s view for their site.

Content by the new author may be of interest to your audience and in this sense, you should always welcome the guest's contribution of the popular authors.

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Here are some of the popular website with high domain authority to publish your guest post.

Top 10 Best Websites That offers Guest Posts


One of the most popular sites for publishing the visitor's guest post is This blog allows everyone to publish their content, while the publisher does not require permission to publish their content.

If you need to post the guest post, all you need to do is sign up for free on their website and submit your content for immediate publication.

2. The Huffington Post

This blog is one of the most popular blogs for business and finance, providing amazing information about tricks and tips in the business and other industry related to finance.

Bloggers and authors can express their opinions about certain niches simply by posting guest content on this blog.

Publishing guest posts on this blog could be difficult due to the quality problem. This website gets millions of traffic and once you have published your article, you can get a lot of readers.


One of the most readable blogs for new business owners is, which offers effective blog posts.

As this site offers effective ideas to business owners, large and small, the authors can share their opinions through guest posts.

To post your article on this website, you must know the terms and conditions by reading "Become an Entrepreneur" and filling out the form later.

The registration form also requires that your Twitter and LinkedIn profile know your biography.

You must also provide some ideas for your guest post, as well as links to some of your articles that will be published.

4. LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn Pulse is a great platform for publishing articles by different authors without a release permission. All you need to do is sign up and upload your writings to publish it immediately.

This is beneficial because most of the professionals come to this website to read the quality guest post.


This is a big brand in terms of the American business affair while offering guest posts to the author that are capable of writing high-quality content.

Normally, it allows guest posts that are updates of technology-based facts.

You can only write an article about specific niches, including business, technology, finance, industry, marketing, lifestyle, investment, and leadership.

Similar to the entrepreneur, this website would provide the terms and conditions, and after reading them you should apply for the guest post.


This is another publication page that offers the guest post to the good author. If your article provides high-quality content about improving public speaking, business ideas, and management, then they allow the guest post to be published.

To start with the guest post, you must send a direct email to them so that you can publish your article.

7. Business Insider

One of the most popular German brands for the technology and business categories is

This website also provides guest posts for high-quality content authors, while you have to visit their page called "How to contribute to Business Insider."

You can write content on technology, celebrity, finance, business, or other internet-related topics.

8. The economist

This is another popular blog that writes informative articles about current affairs, international news, cultural trends, and analytics. This website is popular because of its information about the performance and improvement of the global economy.

The website also offers the guest contribution to the author, who can write informative articles on these topics.

9. is also a news site that offers guest posts across various niches. It is popular because of the rankings it publishes for various categories of business, such as "Top 500 Companies of the Year 2020."

Submitting an article on this website is not easy, but you can do it with good writing and good ideas.

To submit an article, you need to contact one of their editors and present your idea that can help their audience. If your idea is effective, you can publish your article.


This is a magazine that is read and popular around the world. It is usually popular for its business category and community.

Besides, the categories of finance, business, stocks, and bonds are also popular, as this blog provides advice and tricks on these categories.

To submit the motivational letter to this blog, you must send your article to the email for review. As soon as it has been reviewed, your article will be published.

How to write a guest post on another website?

  1. Do a thorough search of the web journals relevant to your niche. Besides, research the topics you like to disseminate, as well as the editors who work for these online journals.

It would help you build a relationship with the web owner of the blog you want to contribute to. The better your relationship with the web owner or publisher, the better your chances of publishing the guest post and earning a backlink.

  1. Make sure you follow the blog guidelines that apply to the visitor to have a guest post. Failure to comply with their guidelines is a quick way to reject your article.
  1. Make sure you are writing the guest post for the audience of the other website or blog. The better your article is produced for the audience and the type of content that blogs as often as possible, the better opportunities you have to spread your guest post.
  2. It is easier to get a guest post validated if you first contact the blog owner and give him an overview of what you would write for his blog. It is better to mention the headline you would discuss in your blog.